CrescentOne’s GLOVIA G2 ERP platform has proven to deliver outstanding business value. The CrescentOne Academy courses provide the knowledge and skills required to use this to its full advantage. Our tracks are targeted towards application managers and end-users.

Learning through the CrescentOne Academy Courses Will Help You:

Gain more value from GLOVIA G2 by using features, functions and capabilities in the application efficiently

With a quick return on investment by compressing what would have been a gradual progression over a long period of time

With getting new employees up to speed quickly and efficiently

To educate end-users to become experts in their role

Track and Course Overview

We offer different types of couses that are part of predefined tracks. Students from different companies are able to join an open class at Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) Eindhoven. Alternatively, on-site courses are offered and blended online courses are possible as well.

Upcoming On-Site Courses

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