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The essence of Kanban is to avoid excess inventories by having materials delivered only when needed.


  • The right quantity of the right parts
  • At the right place, at the right time
  • Every time

Now imagine further…

  • Customers knowing their requirements are met
  • Suppliers knowing what, when and where to provide material
  • Production knowing what, when and where to produce
  • Material handlers knowing what, when, and where to deliver parts
    • Never leaving their transport devices
  • Every time


With the GLOVIA G2 solution, it is not a dream, but a simple reality!

From customer demand, through internal production, and from supplier replenishment, the G2 solution handles it all.

How is this possible?

  • Electronic Kanban imbedded within G2
  • Mobile devices utilized by internal users
  • Web based customer service
  • Web based supplier communication

Traditional Kanban systems rely on manual calculations, cards, and physical boards. Movement of material requires a person to manually remove/replace the Kanban card, and manually update the Kanban board. When demand changes, everything needs to be recalculated, and cards must be physically regenerated and replaced. All of these manual tasks result in unnecessary time, effort and cost to the overall process.


Here is the good news!

GLOVIA G2 automates the entire process. Customer orders generate demand, which creates Kanban signals for both internal production and material delivery, as well as supplier replenishment of required parts. Based upon demand and existing inventory, G2 automatically calculates the proper number of Kanban signals and quantities of each. These are communicated to both internal stakeholders (production, materials) and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers). The result is a seamless flow of information for the entire process, from customer through production, and to the supplier. All of which is completely automated, thus eliminating the manual intervention required by traditional Kanban systems.

Why is this important?

  • Optimize inventory
  • Reduce waste, scrap and obsolete inventory
  • Provide flexibility in production, improve flow
  • Increase output
  • Enhance customer service
  • Reduce work in process
  • Reduce manual effort/time

Final result:

Reduced costs, increased profits!

Utilizing the fully integrated CrescentOne’s GLOVIA G2 solution can provide all of these benefits and more. Designed and developed by experienced manufacturers, and incorporating best practices throughout the system, has resulted in a complete, effective, robust, and easy-to-use solution.

Read more about our Electric Kanban module here.

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