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Supplier Releasing ERP Module

The GLOVIA G2 Supplier Releasing MRP software module provides for the management and optimization of purchasing contracts with suppliers. A very rich and deep set of functionality allows for the control of releases, advanced logistics and accounting controls.

System Flexibility

The Supplier Releasing MRP system provides flexible options for entering into contracts with suppliers and managing supplier releases.

Contract Options

Contract periods can be for the current model year or multiple model years and can be changed or extended as renegotiations occur. The MRP system also permits changes in contract prices, quantities and delivery dates.

Open Account Options

Supplier Releasing enables you to deal with trading partners on an open account basis using pay on use or regular invoice options.

Shipping Container Management

Disposable and reusable containers can be associated with items and managed as part of the release process. GLOVIA G2 tracks the quantity of reusable containers leaving and returning to the facility by container type.

EDI Integration

GLOVIA G2’s ability to integrate with all leading EDI message handling providers gives you a convenient method for transmitting releases to suppliers, receiving information back from suppliers, and reporting quantity or quality discrepancies. The system supports ANSI X12, ODETTE, EDIFACT and ANX message formats.

Supplier Contracts

Once a contract is defined, it is available for use in the supplier releasing transmission of forecasts. Computer planned orders (CPOs) are converted and supplier releases are transmitted daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Audit and Reporting Capabilities

The GLOVIA G2 Supplier Releasing MRP software module provides a comprehensive audit trail of all modifications to the original contract in addition to an audit trail of all releases, advanced shipment notices, receipts, inspections and returns. Daily planned receipts can be reviewed online or by requesting a hardcopy report.

Features of the GLOVIA G2 Supplier Releasing MRP software module include:

  • EDI support (ANSI X12, ODETTE, EDIFACT, ANX, Fax or hardcopy)
  • Pay on use option
  • Forecast sharing (percent of release by trading partner)
  • Archiving capabilities

Supplier Releases

  • Release management by either discrete or cumulative amounts
  • Flexible purchasing options
  • Ability to receive Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) unattended
  • Automatic generation of release numbers
  • Tracking of highest total authorized YTD released-to-ship, released to fabricate and released-to-purchase raw quantities
  • Comprehensive audit trails of all information sent to suppliers

Material Receipts

  • Daily planned and actual receipts reports
  • Confirmation of ASN receipts
  • Automatic transmission of receiving and discrepancy advisories
  • Containers tracked by type
  • Supplier performance evaluations


  • Contract order
  • Rolling schedule
  • Receipts inquiry
  • Outstanding releases
  • Container tracking
  • Demand forecast
  • Receipts review
  • Inventory study


  • Supplier contract releases
  • Receipt tickets
  • ASN
  • ASN acceptance
  • Demand study

Download CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing the GLOVIA G2 Supplier Releasing MRP software module for your company.


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