Customer Relationship Management

Out the box – GLOVIA G2 CRM is fully integrated with the GLOVIA G2 ERP solution. This means all the information you need to respond to any customer questions or requests is only a fingertip away and available real-time on your mobile device.


  • Maximizes Customer experience by providing all the CRM and ERP information your sales force needs at its’ fingertips – mobile and real-time.
  • Maximizes the potential of new opportunities through a streamlined, engaged Sales Cycle.
  • Provides Sales Team and Sales Managers with the sales force management tools they need to drive and measure the activity volumes needed to generate the required level of new business.
  • Provides predictive insight into an accurately measured pipeline.

Maximizing your Customer Experience

Out the box – GLOVIA G2 CRM is fully integrated with the GLOVIA G2 ERP solution. This means all the information you need to respond to any customer questions or requests is only a finger-tip away and available real-time on your mobile device.
You can immediately access information regarding:

  • Customer available credit, Credit Status/Rating, AR Backlog, Unpaid invoices, payment history, Dispute information, etc.
  • All information on product quotations, orders, shipments, late deliveries, product returns, Customer Returns, Repair history, Lot/Serial Traceability information, etc.
  • Projected availability of products and alternative products, real-time inventory, current manufacturing schedules and ‘What if’ capable to promise simulations.
  • Information on the equipment register, component trace-ability, repair and replacement history, Warranty, Extended Warranty and Service Contract coverage, etc.,
  • And, much, much more!

Being able to do this during a short call or meeting inspires trust and confidence in your organization and the importance you place on your relationship with that customer.

Maximize the Potential of new Opportunities

A streamlined Sales Cycle designed to maximize productivity that allows your sales force to maximize the potential of the short time your prospects and customers afford them.

Clicking on an appointment in your desktop, laptop or mobile tablet calendar application takes you straight to the relevant real-time information regarding account, opportunity, Quote, Order, shipping, billing, payment and dispute information specific to the account or opportunity the appointment was created for.

User productivity is further maximized through the automatic synchronization of the Calendar and Contact information on your mobile device, in Microsoft Outlook and in GLOVIA G2.

Predictive Insight into an Accurate Measured Pipeline

The manner in which you handle a new opportunity will typically vary as an opportunity gets closer to becoming actual business.

GLOVIA G2 CRM opportunity management capabilities allow users to progress a new business opportunity from a simple ‘ball-park’ figure that involves no specific product identification, through product quantity and discount predictions, negotiations, detailed quotes, orders and beyond.

An automatic summarized Pipeline assessment capability that provides drills to all details, makes for a powerful insight into how that opportunity currently stacks-up, and, allows the user to make regular assessments and re-assessments of revenue, costs and margin. This then rolls-up to provide an accurate evaluation of the overall new business pipeline.

GLOVIA G2 Ad-hoc reporting and charting capabilities provide you with the tools you need to inter-actively analyze, measure, assess and manage all aspects of Pipeline, Sales Team activity, customers’ activity and beyond.

Download CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Customer Management CRM module at your company.


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