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Security Manager

Establishing and maintaining end-user security profiles for ERP enterprise-wide applications can be an overwhelming task for system administrators. Without the right tools, it is often time consuming, costly and frustrating.

GLOVIA G2 Security Manager is an easy-to-use front end to GLOVIA G2’s existing security capabilities. It provides system administrators and managers with a way to intelligently control all end-user access to the extended ERP system’s functionality while greatly reducing administrative overhead and operational complexity.

The GLOVIA G2 Security Manager provides significant benefits:

  • More precise control over functionality access
  • Reduced security administration time and cost
  • Increased flexibility in defining and reusing security roles
  • Improved auditing, reporting, and inquiry capabilities

Powerful yet Flexible System Security

Security Manager provides easy access to GLOVIA G2’s native, function-level security capabilities, providing administrators with a flexible way to manage security settings, such as granting or restricting end-user access to specific ERP functionality. When a user is not authorized for a specific functionality, the associated menu is not available. This is true for normal menu navigation. Even explicitly entered functions are prohibited from running when they are not authorized. In addition, both successful and failed accesses are logged and time-stamped for audit review.

Time Zone

The time zone feature allows the GLOVIA G2 client to present dates and times in a local time. This means that dates and times can be displayed and processed in a local time and stored to the server in a consistent manner.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Security is made even easier now with the addition of Single Sign-On. SSO capabilities are provided based on Microsoft Windows-based Active Directory via secured LDAP. This capability provides for the ‘provisioning’, i.e., mapping, of Active Directory users to GLOVIA G2 users by way of a simple drag-and- drop solution.

Single Access Profile for User Roles

One of the biggest headaches for administrators is establishing and maintaining security profiles for each individual ERP system end-user. Security Manager overcomes this problem by enabling administrators and managers to easily define group or role-based security profiles.

For example, an administrator can quickly use Security Manager to define a group or role, such as “AP Clerk,” as well as determine all of the access privileges and rights for that role. This newly defined profile can be applied to any ERP system end-user, greatly simplifying security administration.

Security profiles, of course, are fully customizable. Security Manager also permits individual-level, exception-based security profiles. Administrators can quickly alter existing profiles to grant or restrict access for specific individuals. For example, the role of “AP Clerk” can be easily customized so that all users have data entry rights, but only one user can access GLOVIA G2’s check cutting functionality. This capability allows administrators to increase the usability of GLOVIA G2 without jeopardizing overall system security.

Integrity Reporting and Audit Trail

Security Manager provides powerful reporting and management capabilities. The module’s inquiry functionality allows administrators to determine quickly which end-users have access to specific functionality as well as how frequently that functionality has been used. The reporting also provides a full security audit trail, including a comprehensive archive of all relevant data. The audit trail allows administrators to track critical information, such as successful and unsuccessful user attempts to log onto specific GLOVIA G2 functionality.

Key Features

  • Single Sign-On capability
  • Password strength and change frequency rules
  • User de-activation and re-activation capabilities
  • Changes to user names automatically rolled out to associated roles
  • Configurable UI capabilities allow security to be implemented at the field and company level. This can be used to limit the information that each specific user can maintain or see on their screens.
  • The ability to limit specific users to only output information in PDF format.
  • Single, easy-to-use interface for all GLOVIA G2 security operations
  • Built on native functionality-level and menu-based GLOVIA G2 security
  • Compatible with GLOVIA G2 shortcuts and text commands
  • Fully definable and customizable security profiles—including group, role, exception and meta-role
  • Comprehensive inquiry, reporting, and auditing capabilities
  • Reduces navigation path of users to their intended roles
  • Time zone recognition and maintenance.

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