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Lean Consulting

Relentless pressure for quality, cost and time-based improvements are leading manufacturers to embrace next generation Lean solutions.

Lean principles make sense to almost everyone:

  • Always Create Value for the Customer
  • Religiously Identify and Eliminate Waste
  • Continuously Improve Processes

Effective improvement strategies and execution are also needed to:

  • Actually realize benefits – reduce costs, compress lead times, and improve responsiveness, quality and consistency
  • Sustain process and performance improvements
  • Assure that improvements continue

The issue is “how?”

  • How exactly will lean initiatives support achievement of company business strategies, goals and objectives?
  • What are the primary obstacles that constrain business performance today?
  • What are the specific opportunities for substantial performance improvements?

Getting Lean with CrescentOne

Since CrescentOne International’s extended ERP suite, GLOVIA G2, had its inception as Xerox Chess—a Lean production tool in the 1990s—it has enabled manufacturers to realize the tremendous benefits of Lean. This vast experience working with mid-market manufacturers has enabled countless customers to turn challenges into opportunities. CrescentOne’s unique insight provides strategic actions that manufacturers can adopt to create a competitive advantage.

CrescentOne Consulting and Systems Solutions have been key enablers of Lean success, providing the means for manufacturers to streamline operations. The solution provides the necessary information to streamline and control processes, coordinate enterprise-wide activities, monitor quality and measure improvements as effectively as possible to enable and complement the key technical elements behind Lean Manufacturing.

Download our Lean Consulting Booklet to find out how CrescentOne will make sure your investment continually provides value.


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