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Application Adapters ERP Module

GLOVIA G2 Application Adapters provide services and functionality that supports your ERP data migration needs. The rapid and accurate importing and refreshing of data files containing key information can be an invaluable time and resource saving tool. GLOVIA G2 provides a powerful tool-set of adapters for the transfer of information between itself and other applications or systems.

Template Based Adapters

GLOVIA G2 Application Adapters are predefined templates that allow you to retrieve data rapidly from other applications or systems. The template design enables the precise mapping of data fields from a source file into an Application Adapter file. GLOVIA G2 adapters take all the key table set-up and data input drudgery out of the process of importing information into – or updating – your database.

The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are data modeled after the various GLOVIA G2 application products. APIs can be used for complete ERP data migration from one system to another, or for application-to-application data exchanges such as upgrading your product catalog with a Product Data Management (PDM) tool.

Custom API File Design

The most commonly used APIs are designed and provided as standard features of GLOVIA G2. To facilitate customized creation of APIs, refer to GLOVIA G2 External Interface Facility (EIF), which provides the tools to define and maintain the external files normally used to “bridge” or hold data as it moves to and from GLOVIA G2.


External Interface Facility (EIF) is a complete self-documenting system and provides standard reports on EIF-created files, functions and processing logic. The solution also provides a data dictionary in addition to cross-reference reports indicating where files and functions are used.

Simplified Data Transfer

With GLOVIA G2, you can use spreadsheet information from your PC application to create or modify budgets quickly and then integrate the data to a GLOVIA G2 application. You can also move files from CAD/CAM systems on other platforms into GLOVIA G2 Engineering to maintain the latest product configurations. The system further serves as an interface for batch data collection systems and supports the flat-file structures required for Electronic Data Interface (EDI) transactions/sets.

Open Systems Flexibility

Application Adapters are designed with the flexibility to accommodate many different types of data transfers and truly provide an “open systems” architecture for your business applications.

Cross-Referenced and Self-Documenting

GLOVIA G2 Application Adapters are completely self-documenting. Preview reports are provided to document APIs and supply results of simulated import records through exceptions reporting. Application Adapters’ cross-reference validation capability enables you to determine where the files and records have failed when you run conversions. Records that pass all validations are automatically written to the database, while records that fail go into an exception adapter file.

You can review the exception file and modify failed records. This cross-reference process allows you to update and post corrections automatically to the database to ensure that only “good data” populates your database.

Data Exchange Design

  • Input file definitions
  • Combine multiple input records
  • Logic statements for data selection or conversion
  • “Looping” logic for EDI

File Attributes

  • Logical and physical name
  • Path and file extension
  • Descriptions

Field Attributes

  • Field type definitions including external data variables, segments, and record control variables
  • Data formats for alpha, numeric, date, time, and user-defined
  • Definition of data storage by field type
  • Define groups of data fields by segment for EDI

Utilities and Installation Options

  • Import API functions, files and specifications

Template Based Adapters

  • File formats pre-defined
  • Adapters for:
    • Products and Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Procurement
    • Finance
    • Materials

ERP Data Migration

  • Flat file legacy system files into relational database
  • Data integrity preserved
  • Import or update data
  • Rapid and quick ability to update records
  • Data validation ensuring quality data transfer
  • Automatically posting to database
  • Exception file created for failed data transfer
  • Review and modify line-by-line failed record reconciliation
  • Capability to design additional adapters using GLOVIA G2 External Interface Facility

Download CrescentOne data sheet for more information about the ERP data migration capabilities of GLOVIA G2 Application Adapters.


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