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ValuePlus ERP Services

CrescentOne’s ValuePlus is an innovative, customer-driven suite of manufacturing ERP products and services that goes beyond our standard solution and support offerings.

ValuePlus provides a wide range of service, support and ERP product options that meet the unique needs of customers worldwide. These services include:

Custom Solutions

Use this service to address unique customization or integration challenges. Support for your requirements can be performed at our development centers, at your facility or remotely.

If you select a custom ERP software support plan, CrescentOne will migrate all custom work forward to future releases and maintain your customization with current GLOVIA G2 ERP software versions to protect the investment you’ve made in your systems.

Customer-Driven Development

If you need to add ERP software functionality, CrescentOne’s professionals will work with you to define and address those needs. CrescentOne will also work closely with our product marketing and development teams to deliver the necessary capabilities in the standard GLOVIA G2 ERP software product set or with a custom ERP solution.

Release Migrations

Customization shouldn’t complicate getting new releases up and running quickly. That’s why CrescentOne offers two options: 1) A fixed-bid release migration solution, which allows you to budget and plan for staying current with GLOVIA G2 ERP releases; and 2) A time and materials remote solution for customers without customization who wish to install the latest PRO-IV kernel and/or the latest release of GLOVIA G2.

CoSourcing Services

Whenever firms migrate to new technologies they often need technical assistance on a temporary basis. CrescentOne offers flexible, short-term technical services including software design and engineering, database modeling and normalization, testing and quality assurance, local or remote database administration and systems operation/tuning.

Unattended Systems Administration

A specialized service that helps you manage your business’s information technology assets 24/7, 365 days a year. We also provide continuous operating systems and/or database protection through a combination of proactive intervention and preventative maintenance and ensure the highest system and database availability possible.

Moreover, we take a unique co-management approach by linking our support operations center expertise with your in-house technical staff. This allows us to continuously monitor all critical system and database parameters, and proactively identify and address any problems to keep everything running smoothing and prevent system failures.

Business Processing Flow Templates

With our easy-to-use software templates you’ll be able to: 1) Document any business practices augmented by our software so you can provide your team with the “how to” instructions they need to complete day-to-day business transactions while taking your company’s specific processing requirements into account; 2) Quickly map business processes supported by your GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software; 3) Identify any process redundancies to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency; and 4) Facilitate cross-training and knowledge transfer whenever new people are assigned to a specific job function or change assignments.

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