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Profitable jobs start with accurate estimates. The GLOVIA G2 Estimating ERP module accelerates the development of customer quotes and bids, thereby increasing the accuracy of your plans and budgets. Functionality within the Estimating ERP module provides for flexibility of product cost and structure. With the GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP system, you have the tools to respond quickly to customer requirements and changing needs and still improve profitability.

Simplify the Estimating Process

By more efficiently creating and managing changes to estimates, you can improve profitability.  Our Estimating ERP module gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily generate estimates, establish and maintain product structures, develop quotes, and evaluate the cost of proposed contract and  engineering changes. A standard checklist of estimating steps helps assure consistent, accurate and complete estimates.

The creation of an estimate and any subsequent revision to that estimate is streamlined and simplified with multipurpose estimating worksheets. Estimates can be completed faster, with less effort, thus delivering quicker responses to inquiries. Our GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP provides for the management of both services and materials, enabling you to manage all aspects of your business in a single  integrated solution.

Simplifying the Product Structure Process

Customers’ unique requirements can easily be met by taking the standard multi-level BOM and routing structure and reconfiguring/modifying it to create a ‘local’ version of that structure without  having to create any new items.

Multi-level ‘local’ structures are specific to the estimates, quotes and orders they are associated to.  Any additions or changes made to the ‘local’ structures do not affect existing GLOVIA G2 bills of materials being used elsewhere in production and demand fulfillment.

Proposed product structure alterations can therefore be quickly and easily made – thus providing the ability to react quickly to new and changing requirements.

Progressive Engineering

Manufacturing has been challenged for years by the need to begin the manufacture and purchase of long lead components while still designing higher levels of the end-item assembly. As shown in the following graphic, our GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP enables this by way of Progressive Engineering functionality that allows you to do exactly that – place Purchase Orders and Work Orders for long lead components while still designing the assemblies they are used in.

Further, GLOVIA G2 will maintain the demand/supply relationship to the as-yet-undefined assembly item so the component is not inadvertently used to meet a different demand.

Progressive Engineering Graph



Develop Accurate Cost and Price Rollups

An extensive selection of cost elements helps you set realistic selling prices based on business objectives. The system provides detailed visibility of costs, margins, and profitability to help you determine the optimal price. Cost roll-ups give you a baseline for evaluating new quotes and proposed contract changes. Estimates are linked to GLOVIA G2 Project Accounting and GLOVIA G2 Program Cost Accounting, which measure estimates against actual performance, improving the accuracy of your estimates for future contracts.

Multi-level planning and supply order generation based on local structures

Where multi-level local structures specific to an order are defined, they will be used in the planning and supply order generation processes.

The demand-supply associations generated during order creation are then used as the supplies are manufactured and received to ensure that the supplies are directed to the specific demand(s) that they are uniquely associated with and needed for.


Worksheet Services and Materials List

The Estimating ERP module worksheets provide a reserved work area for:

  • Building new product structures for each item
  • Modifying existing product structures
  • Calculating costs, prices and profit margins for materials and services
  • User-defined estimating checklist and “To Do” lists

A complete history of changes is available for reference

Local Structures

  • Local product structures typically represent a new product or a new configuration that is associated to a unique demand,
  • New products can be progressively engineered from the bottom up using local structure functionality,
  • If a new product goes into general production, or, a regular demand for a specific configuration develops – the local structure (including BOM and Routing) can quickly be converted to new production items that reflect the same BOM’s and routings of the local structure,
  • Complete visibility of where local structures have been used is provided,
  • Engineering changes can be evaluated simultaneously against local structures, pro forma hierarchies and engineering BOMs.

Download CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Estimating ERP module at your company.


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