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Customer Releasing

GLOVIA G2 Customer Releasing is a sophisticated customer release management system that supports both the discrete and cumulative tracking of customer orders, including release-to-ship, release-to-fabricate and release-to-purchase raw materials. An internal forecast processor retains all forecast releases and views them as independent demands. The software also supports Kanban inventory movements within a manufacturing facility and integrates with all major Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) message handling and bar code scanning providers.

System Flexibility

Customer Releasing is a flexible CRM system for entering into and managing customer contracts with trading partners. Although contracts usually run for the current model year, the system permits changes in contract duration as well as in prices and quantities. When the duration extends over multiple years, GLOVIA G2 has a ‘retro-billing’ capability that permits trading partners to make payments at last year’s price then receive a refund or credit when the new price for the current year is negotiated.

EDI Interface

The ability to integrate with all leading EDI message-handling providers is a convenient method for receiving releases and forecasts against contracts, as well as transmitting Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) and receiving ASN acknowledgements and invoices. The CRM system also permits the transfer of electronic fund payments between trading partners.

Sequenced Manufacturing

For automotive manufacturers that run multiple vehicle trims and even multiple models down the same line – sequenced manufacture is essential. The GLOVIA G2 Sequenced Manufacturing System (SMS) allows suppliers to the vehicle lines to:

  • Receive the sequenced build schedule (CAT 3) message from each individual vehicle production line they serve
  • Convert that schedule into a sequenced picking and inventory management process that ensures the right parts are received in the right sequence (i.e. by VIN) at the right line-side consumption points at the right time
  • Provides full visibility of the material status and movement of each part and its target VIN – from supplier production, through picking, dispatch, transport and right up to the point it is used on the specific VIN at the consumption point on the car production line. This ensures that inventory flows to the line-side consumption points at a rate that keeps the car production line running and can be accommodated by the limited line-side space

Shipping Containers

Our GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software keeps track of both disposable and reusable containers by container type. Container inventory levels are monitored through a minimum/maximum inventory control system. When empty containers fall below a minimum level, you are notified to contact your trading partner.

Open Account Options

The ability to deal with trading partners on an open account basis via self-bill and pay on use options is also supported.

Kanban Support

GLOVIA G2’s inventory control system tracks inventory levels at specified locations and creates a demand when inventory at one location falls below a predetermined minimum level.

Quantity Tracking

GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP tracks cumulative firm and forecasted quantities, ASN transmitted amounts and quantities, as well as items returned or rejected. GLOVIA G2 also tracks by model year, the highest authorized year-to-date released-to-fabricate and released-to-purchase raw materials.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

The GLOVIA G2 Customer Releasing CRM module provides a comprehensive audit trail of all modifications to the original contract in addition to a complete audit trail of all releases, advanced shipment notices, receipts, inspections and returns. Daily planned receipts can be reviewed online or by requesting a hardcopy report.

Features of GLOVIA G2’s Customer Releasing CRM software module:

  • Flexible contract management
  • EDI integration
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Container tracking by type
  • Synchronized manufacturing
  • Self-bill and retro-billing, pay on use options
  • Kanban material movement
  • Highest authorized YTD released-to-fabricate and released-to-purchase raw materials
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Online inquiry and reporting capabilities
  • Load planning
  • Delivery information
  • Customer performance evaluations


  • Contracts
  • ASN
  • Receiving advice
  • Application advice
  • Container relationship
  • Containers onsite
  • Invoices


  • Unprocessed releases
  • Net change
  • Ship item containers
  • Backorders
  • Inventory exceptions
  • Containers on site

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