Lean Manufacturing

So You Want To Go Lean?

It is well known in the industry as the method Toyota has used successfully to streamline operations, reduce cost, and optimize the quality of its products.

For many years, “lean” has been a hot topic among automotive manufacturers. You may have heard claims about what lean can do based on the results of Toyota and other manufacturers and question how many of these claims are true. As an automotive OEM, you know the complexity of your product flow and how dependent your customer is on timely and accurate deliveries. Can lean be applied to the specific needs and challenges of your manufacturing process?

Topics covered in this white paper include:

  • What is Lean?
  • Six Kinds of Waste in the Manufacturing Process
  • How Do You Apply Lean to Your Manufacturing Process?
  • Lean Can Be Misunderstood and Misapplied
  • A Lean Implementation Using CrescentOne ERP

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