Industry 4.0 – How ERP accelerates manufacturing

A new industrial revolution is underway; it is time to think about co-creating with strong and experienced partners driving your manufacturing in the future. The Smart Factory is real, and its rise is impressive.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has an impact on velocity, scope, and systems. Unlike previous revolutions, the fourth evolves at an exponential rate, disrupting most industries in all countries. The breadth and depth of these changes herald the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance. Manufacturers know that their world is changing. They understand that any definition of an industrial revolution is predicated on how goods are produced. Factories are becoming smart, neat, and clean places, digitally connected to the entire ecosystem – from raw materials to end-users. Big Data, AI, robotics, 5G, and IoT are transforming the way workers interact with the goods they produce and the customers they serve. Suddenly, there are ‘teams’ of people and machines working together to see a product through to completion. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun, and the consequences are already becoming apparent. Manufacturing drives change; it is at the vanguard to economic development.

You’ll read everything about it in this whitepaper. Enjoy.

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