FUNA02 | Business Process

FUNA02 | Different Roles, Different Perspectives

The generic processes are covered in our introduction course. In this part of the fundamentals track the business processes in the ERP solution will be explained from the perspective of the different roles. The goal is to get a fundamental understanding of how a business processes flow looks like in ERP

Target audience

This course is suited for all employees and is not role specific.


  1. Introduction to GLOVIA G2 ERP
  2. Demonstration of the Make to Order (MTO) business process in the GLOVIA G2 ERP


At the end of this course, students will be able to understand:

  • business process and roles in an organization from within GLOVIA G2 ERP
  • impact of working together in a business process from within GLOVIA G2 ERP


  • FUNA01


At the end of the track

Course Offered

At the end of the track

Track: Fundamentals

  • FUNA01
  • FUNA02
  • FUNB01
  • FUNB02
  • FUND01

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This course is offered as a part of Fundamentals Track

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