FUND01 | Capstone

FUND01 | Fundamentals Track Capstone

Duration: 1 hours
The Fundamentals Track Capstone is the final course of this track. Students will demonstrate what they have learned. A full Make to Order business process case is presented. Finishing this case successful is the final step to the COAC Fundamentals certification.

Target audience

This course is suited for all employees and is not role specific.


  1. The MTO case is presented
  2. Exercises: The student follows the Make to Order process in the application
  3. Grading: The results are graded by the trainer


At the successful end of this course, students will receive the certificate and has proven to:

  • Understand the basics of Inventory Management
  • Understand the basics of Product Management
  • Create orders (sales orders, work orders, purchase orders)
  • Receive components via purchase orders
  • Issue components to the work order by using the picking process
  • Run all basic transactions in production to complete the work order
  • Master the customer delivery process
  • Invoice the customer
  • Understand the exception-driven approach in GLOVIA G2 by using Adhoc Grids


  • FUNA00
  • FUNA01
  • FUNB01
  • FUNB02


After finishing the track

Course Offered

the courses offered


  • FUNA00
  • FUNA01
  • FUNB01
  • FUNB02
  • FUND01

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