Blog Series #2 :: GLOVIA G2 :: Where to Start with our ERP System

CrescentOne offers more than 70 ERP modules that work together to streamline your manufacturing operations. Following up on our previous blog about our Product Management Kit, we’d like to continue to our Manufacturing Management Base Modules, which include Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning, and Work Orders.

Our flexible GLOVIA G2 Manufacturing Management solution accommodates the full spectrum of manufacturing styles, from high-volume to engineer-to-order, with advanced capabilities to coordinate orders, equipment, facilities, inventory, and work-in-progress that minimize costs and maximize on-time delivery.

Master Production Scheduling

The first module highlighted in this set is Master Production Scheduling, which enables your management team to balance and integrate the needs of marketing, manufacturing and finance with those of your customers.

Planning Cockpit

Where most ERP packages can only plan in days, GLOVIA G2’s Master Production Scheduling planning cockpit maximizes production efficiency with planning capabilities in hours, minutes and seconds. An on-line available-to-promise (ATP) feature allows manufacturers to investigate up-to-the-minute product availability to guarantee on-time delivery.

The planning cockpit provides a highly visual, productive user experience that enables immediate access to data necessary for successful production planning/scheduling management, including sales demand, and planned and committed production and purchased supply.

Forecast Demand, Consumption and Planning BOM’s

The Master Production Scheduling module enables complete planning by model, product or family group, with automatic generation of repeating forecast based on quantities, intervals, and dates and forecasts optionally consumed by orders.

GLOVIA G2 – 2nd Installment :: Where to Start with our ERP System from CrescentOne.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

The material management module of GLOVIA G2, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), helps manufacturers get the right materials to the right place at the right time, thus reducing inventory material investment, improving productivity and customer service.

Integrated Planning Power

This material management module can be driven by project requirements and/or the master production schedule to ensure that high-level requirements are consistent with the authorized production plan. MRP is integrated with your live inventories, work orders, projects, and sales and purchase orders to ensure that the latest information is always considered. The Material Requirements Planning module is also integrated with GLOVIA G2 Engineering to provide access to currently effective bills of material, routings, and item planning policies.

MRP Planning Cockpit

The MRP planning cockpit integrates the functionality of the material management module with other GLOVIA G2 ERP modules, including Master Production Scheduling, to provide an extremely visual, highly productive user experience, with immediate access to information in all areas necessary for successful planning/scheduling, including sales demand, and planned and committed production and purchased supply.

Multiple Planning Cycles

This material management module offers multiple planning cycles, with variable phasing and planning horizons, to satisfy planning needs for near-term production and long-range material commitments. The Material Requirements Planning system can also be used to generate purchase orders and work orders and to release repetitive schedules, as well as contract purchase orders automatically with allocations across multiple suppliers.

Work Orders

GLOVIA G2’s Work Orders management module is the complete production management system for managing all work order-related information and activities – from opening work orders and managing work-in-process transactions through coordinating and evolving your production lines.


The Work Orders management module provides the flexibility to effectively manage any type of manufacturing, assembly, repair, or work activity. Whether you are manufacturing products based on forecasts, demands or Kanban signals, or building engineering prototypes, managing an entire development project or conducting repair work –this production management system offers a single familiar tool that your whole team can use to schedule, manage and collect data for all work activities.

Complete Integration

The Work Orders management module is an integral part of the GLOVIA G2 integrated ERP, financial and supply chain solution, residing on a single database.

When a user records the completion of a manufactured quantity, they receive instant notification when mandatory quality processes and measurements have not yet been recorded.

Work-in-Process Visibility

The Work Orders module provides instant and accurate visibility to current investments in work-in-process inventory. Each work order provides an online valuation of the materials used and value-added costs.

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CrescentOne’s manufacturing heritage has enabled us to create a suite of ERP modules that successfully manage a stand-alone company, an entire global business or a specific division or factory. The GLOVIA G2 Manufacturing Management software module helps you succeed by providing more visibility, flexibility, and control to make you highly responsive, integrated, and lean.

As a manufacturing ERP designed to manage global enterprises, GLOVIA G2 supports multiple languages, currencies and complex business structures, so you can manage your enterprise around the clock, and around the world — with a single, integrated ERP solution.

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