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Transform Foundation Server ERP Module

In today’s competitive business world, every minute counts. Mission-critical business processes and customer and supplier relationships depend on the fast and accurate distribution of ERP information. While this information might be stored in different formats and across different systems and applications, you need to ensure it can be personalized and rapidly communicated.

GLOVIA G2 Transform Foundation Server improves the speed and quality of business communications by creating, managing, and publishing critical documents. The ERP module ensures business documents are successfully delivered to the right user, in the right format, regardless of the originating system or application.

Transform Foundation Server is designed for companies with document output and management requirements and provides robust document creation, routing, and management capabilities to deliver mission-critical information. The ERP module provides separate environments for document development and production, supports multiple environment administration, and enables web-based delivery and viewing.

GLOVIA G2 Transform Foundation Server enables the following business benefits:

  • Increases information accessibility and accuracy
  • Improves quality and professionalism of business communication
  • Reduces both administrative and document management costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases time wasted searching for documents manually
  • Automates document management and distribution
  • Provides document access to customers and vendors

Information Accessibility

Information accessibility is critical to competitiveness because it helps you make faster, more informed business decisions, improves your operations, and increases customer service levels.

GLOVIA G2 Transform Foundation Server puts critical information at the fingertips of your executives, sales representatives, customer service personnel, call center staff, customers, and partners. With secure document repository and powerful search capabilities, Transform Foundation Server enables users to find the documents they need quickly and easily.

Transform Foundation Server leverages business logic in the secure delivery of documents to any network-enabled printer or fax machine, email application, Intranet or Extranet, as well as wireless devices and PDAs. In this way, Transform Foundation Server provides anytime, anywhere, any-format information access.

Unmatched Flexibility

Transform Foundation Server delivers unmatched flexibility in how critical business information and documents can be created, formatted, and shared.

Using simple drag-and-drop functionality, Transform Foundation Server allows you to customize document outputs easily to meet your changing information needs. Transform Foundation Server processes business data from applications and transforms it for presentation using content-sensitive business logic to create customized outputs that include color, graphics, electronic forms, standard and two-dimensional bar codes, and even MICR fonts for secure check printing.

In a multi-lingual environment, customers, vendors and even internal users can have documents created in their own language. A single, central business-processing unit can appear to customers and suppliers as multiple entities by delivering the correct document “look”.

Transform Foundation Server’s flexibility enables you to improve the quality of your communications whether you need to conduct a one-to-one marketing campaign, provide user-friendly customer documentation, or simply create customized reports. The application can manage and publish data in a wide variety of formats including:

  • Print files
  • Flat files
  • XML documents
  • HMTL files
  • Email messages
  • Faxes
  • Adobe© Portable Document Format (PDF)

Cost Savings

Transform Foundation Server helps you reduce costs associated with creating, storing, and retrieving business documents. A recent study showed that for every $1 spent on pre-printed forms, companies spent an additional $60 to distribute, handle, replace, store, and retrieve them. Since all documents are available electronically, Transform Foundation Server significantly reduces these document management costs. Transform Foundation Server further helps reduce costs by eliminating the need to create custom modifications to legacy applications and reports.

Key Features

Document Management

  • Provides centralized storage of critical business documents, but with distributed access
  • Enables documents to be created, stored and accessed electronically
  • Provides anytime, anywhere access to documents via a web browser
  • Allows documents to be annotated with additional information
  • Links or “electronically staples” all documents related to a common transaction
  • Enables documents to be reprocessed via print, fax, or email

Email Integration

  • Sends documents via email as embedded links or attachments
  • Email messages can be routed based on content
  • Integrates with all email systems

Search Tools

  • Enable quick and easy access to critical documents and information
  • Provides powerful search capabilities including customized indexing, reporting tools, and advanced and cross-category searches


  • Supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols and Windows “challenge response” to ensure documents can be securely accessed via the Internet
  • Provides customizable, profile-based security to limit access to documents

Administrative Capabilities

  • Provides error handling and re-submission capabilities for failed document storage
  • Enables deployment on a distributed server configuration for maximum flexibility

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