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Project Management Interface

The new Project Management Interface facilitates a 2 way exchange of Project information between Microsoft Project® and GLOVIA G2.

The Value Proposition:

  • Minimizes data entry by eliminating the need to enter the project structures and tasks more than once.
  • Eliminates undesirable discrepancies between your Microsoft Project® plan and your GLOVIA G2 ERP solution.
  • Drives synchronicity between the dates, status and progress assessment in Microsoft Project® (that typically your Project Management team and perhaps your customer is using), and, the logistics mechanisms inside GLOVIA G2 ERP that are driving procurement, manufacturing, quality management, customer deliveries and billing.
    • This can be achieved by either driving information ‘down’ from the project targets in Microsoft Project® or ‘up’ from the GLOVIA G2 detailed activities as they progress.
    • The agile design means that as the project progresses the frequency and the approach to synchronization can vary allowing you to apply the most appropriate approach for each specific project phase.
  • The time required to review and update project progress is minimized.
  • The accuracy is maximized when the revenues and costs are automatically collected in GLOVIA G2 and rolled-up against the project activities.
  • The business benefit of the Project interface soon adds up!
    • A reduction in the effort, time and costs involved in recovering from expensive errors and date inconsistencies that result in cost over-runs, customer satisfaction issues, payment penalties, late deliveries, quality issues, scrap, excess inventory and negative impacts on the balance sheet and Income Statement.
    • A reduction in the effort, time and costs involved in keeping the information in both systems accurate and consistent.


The interface is specifically designed to work with the standard Microsoft Project® (2013) XML structure and tags. The solution can also be used with any Project Management solutions that have the ability to export and import using the same standardized structure.

The color-coded, visual comparison capabilities allow the user to quickly identify the differences between the sending and receiving systems.

The user is provided with the ability to interactively compare and resolve any differences between the Project Management software and GLOVIA G2.

The compact easy to use design means that the user can conduct the full process from a single screen:

  • Import,
  • Review,
  • Amend,
  • Update GLOVIA G2,
  • Export amendments to Microsoft Project® .

Information is exchanged using web services to process the XML based documents. All processed inbound and Outbound XML documents are saved to History.

Some of the capabilities supported:

  • Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • The Import of a Microsoft Project into GLOVIA G2, without having to first create the project in GLOVIA G2.
  • A project and its structure created in GLOVIA G2 can be exported to a new Microsoft Project® .
  • Project Dates can be updated in GLOVIA G2 from Tasks re-scheduled in Microsoft Project® .
  • Project Dates in Microsoft Project can be updated from Tasks re-scheduled in GLOVIA G2.
  • Tasks can be changed, added or removed in GLOVIA G2 from updates made in Microsoft Project® .
  • Tasks can be changed, added or removed in Microsoft Project from updates made in GLOVIA G2.
  • Amendments made in the comparison screen can result in simultaneous updates of GLOVIA G2 and Microsoft Project® .

The same business logic and validation that is applied when creating and maintaining projects using GLOVIA G2 screens is applied in the upload and comparison capabilities, thus ensuring the quality and validity of the data loaded into GLOVIA G2.

Download CrescentOne data sheet to learn more about implementing our GLOVIA G2 Project Management Interface at your company.


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