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Bid Process Management

In today’s competitive global marketplace, the ability to respond quickly and accurately to Requests for Quotes can give you the added edge you need to win contracts. The GLOVIA G2 Bid Process Management (BPM) CRM software module lets you process, manage and document customer RFQs and develop consistently precise bids for materials and/or service contracts.

Defining the RFQ

Bid Process Management gives you the tools you need to register an RFQ and break it down into a complete set of customer requirements. The BPM CRM module then categorizes those requirements and lets you view them from several perspectives. This gives you a better understanding of the RFQ and its components.

Identify Different Views

By providing multiple views of the RFQ, BPM lets you see how a particular requirement impacts sales, materials, services, delivery and billing. The CRM solution accesses GLOVIA G2 Estimating and GLOVIA G2 Contract Management to provide a fully integrated process for responding to a RFQ.

Structuring the Quote

BPM structures a quote that satisfies the needs of users from all areas of your enterprise. You can access preexisting templates or develop new ones to prepare a winning quote easily. BPM can also define billable and deliverables to many levels of detail and establish budgets for contract and project phases including pre-contract award products and services.

Build Customer Unique Items

Using unique GLOVIA G2 tools, Bid Process Management enhances flexible negotiation of proposed price, schedule and content of customer deliverables. To optimize customer satisfaction and profitability, estimating worksheets and sales view builder lists allow for customer specific items to be modified. The sales view builder allows for the selection of options to meet unique requirements and ensures that deliverables meet design standards.

Establish a Flexible Billing Process

BPM supports not only progress billing, which is based on pre-established triggers, but also mixed-event billing, which is based on unrelated events. This gives you the flexibility to analyze different billing arrangements and create payment plans that work both for you and your customer.

Converting a Quote to a Contract

BPM makes it easy to generate iterative bids and develop a quote that ultimately wins the contract. Once the bid is accepted, the module will convert the quote into a contract and the prospect into a customer within GLOVIA G2. You can view the required follow-on activities for your new customer so nothing “falls through the cracks” during this critical time period. Links to project tasks, for pre‐contract award tracking, and associations built between materials and services for simultaneous delivery, are converted to the contract to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Sales View

  • Job identification
  • Price to be paid
  • Delivery date

Materials View

  • Defines materials by line item
  • General to specific detail structure
  • Defines material items and quantities that must be shipped

Service View

  • Defines services to be delivered
  • Quantity to be delivered
  • Identifies service duration

Delivery View

  • Defines delivery schedule of material view lines
  • Defines customer location to which delivery is to be made

Billing View

  • Enables progress billing
  • Enables mixed event billing
  • Establishes billing milestones
  • Establishes billing triggers

Pricing Methods

  • Calculated amount based on rolled up list prices
  • Calculated amount based on rolled up costs plus margin
  • Manually maintained
  • Amount derived from sales catalog

Inquiries and Reports

  • RFQ status
  • Cash flow analysis by quote
  • Win/Loss reporting
  • Contract quote status

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