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Contract Management

Your contracts with customers define expectations for delivery and performance. . GLOVIA G2 Contract Management is a CRM module in our manufacturing ERP software system that helps you create those contracts with significant detail including realistic schedules and profitable pricing. The application simplifies and accelerates contract development and increases accuracy and consistency to improve your internal operations.

Streamlined Contract Development

Profitable projects begin with accurate and achievable contracts. The Contract Management CRM software module provides the structure for defining business relationships and meeting customer requirements – from planning and selling to delivery and billing. Contracts define the business relationship between you and your customer, with respect to terms and conditions, deliverables and billing.

For optimal flexibility, contracts can include multiple projects or no projects at all. With complete control over contract structures, you can create contracts for services that have no associated material requirements, such as consulting. Furthermore, to support today’s global marketplace, GLOVIA G2’s Contract Management CRM module offers full multinational support.

To assure consistency, you can use master contracts to establish enterprise-wide terms, such as pricing and discounts, which can be applied to all related contracts. Templates allow contracts to be generated promptly when needed. To streamline your business processes, you can easily convert a quote to a contract with all variables maintained. Customer unique items defined in GLOVIA G2 Bid Process Management can be maintained in Contract Management with the same precision to design standard rules.

Comprehensive Contract Visibility

To help you manage contract requirements, GLOVIA G2 provides easy visibility to see the impact of a sales contract on sales, materials, services, delivery and billing. You have access to all the details you need for profitable contracts, while different functional views of the contract help you establish realistic schedules and prices. Contract requirements are also cross-referenced, which makes set-up and tracking easier.

Integrated Project Management

The GLOVIA G2 Contract Management CRM software module provides seamless integration with GLOVIA G2 Projects functionality to help ensure that customer requirements are met. Material and service requirements for a contract can be easily converted into projects with specific deliverables. Projects references contract line items to give you accurate status information about deliverables at all times.

Accurate Budgeting and Costing

The GLOVIA G2 extended ERP helps manufacturing operations achieve profitable contracts with detailed cost information throughout the life of the contract. You can easily compare actual costs to budgets as well as initial estimates. This helps you evaluate your financial position and detect potential problems early.

Flexible Contract Billing

Contract Management maximizes your cash flow by allowing you to define contract billing in the way that is best suited to your business. The CRM system supports both standard event billing and progress billing and can initiate billing automatically.

Features of the GLOVIA G2 Contract Management CRM module include:

Sales View

  • Job identification
  • Price to be paid
  • Delivery date

Sales View Builder

  • Multi-level, rules based listing of material & service items
  • If/then logic allows for ease of use. For example, if item X is selected the item Z is also required and item Y is not permitted

Materials View

  • Defines materials by line item
  • Quantity to be shipped
  • General to specific detail structure

Service View

  • Defines services to be delivered
  • Quantity to be delivered
  • Identifies service duration

Delivery View

  • Defines delivery schedule of material view lines
  • Defines customer location to which delivery is to be made

Billing View

  • Enables progress billing
  • Enables mixed event billing
  • Establishes billing milestones
  • Establishes billing triggers

Pricing Methods

  • Calculated amount based on rolled up list prices
  • Calculated amount based on rolled up costs plus margin
  • Manually maintained
  • Amount derived from sales catalog

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