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High-Volume Manufacturing

High-volume manufacturers face shrinking margins, increased market demand, excessive proliferation and endless uncertainty. To succeed, they must continually evaluate themselves, the market they serve and where it’s headed, and their customers—and align their business accordingly.

GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software can help.

Today’s high-volume manufacturers must offer a wide variety of custom products, deal with short product lifecycles and complex product mixes, and do everything they can to avoid obsolescence. But to accomplish all of that, they need a strategic plan of action and a competitive advantage to guide them through the vast landscape of business uncertainty.

GLOVIA G2 manufacturing ERP software is an affordable and easy-to-implement solution that enables manufacturers to create a clear path to improve the quality of their products and increase their productivity and profitability.

Staying Ahead of a Continually Evolving Global Marketplace

Manufacturers mass produce final products such as automobiles and electronics from prefabricated components. In the past, these companies could get by with bureaucratic systems and closely supervised divisions of labor. But now, thanks to a continually evolving global marketplace that regularly presents new obstacles and challenges (because the rules are always changing), the traditional approach is no longer enough—especially when managers are still expected to meet or exceed the same performance levels they have in the past.

The result of this is that companies in this sector need more flexibility to produce as well shortened time lines to implement changes.

The Keys to Mass Producing Discrete Products

This means high-volume manufacturers must:

  • Produce higher quality goods at lower prices.
  • Develop an efficient operation by gaining more visibility into all their operations, minimizing time and costs in production and making continuous improvements.
  • Better utilize capital. Rather than viewing manufacturing as a major cost center, manufacturers must develop it into a competitive advantage through cross functional and company efforts.
  • Synchronize their supply chain.
  • Provide immaculate service.

Moreover, they must focus on three areas:

  • Manufacturing competencies
  • Strategic alignment
  • Best practices

GLOVIA G2 helps manufacturers do all of this and more, provides manufacturers with all the tools they need to manage their operations—from product design, sales and procurement to production, order and engineering management and post-sales service. It is available as either on-premise or hosted ERP software

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